Through our integrated expertise in creative development & application, we design and deliver on-trend, authentic flavors and fragrances found in many leading brands and products.

Flavor & Fragrance Specialties strives to be an essential component of our customers’ success by providing innovative solutions and exceptional service that supports the creation and ongoing evolution of their products.
Our technical centre is having sophisticated processing like homogenizers and ultra high temperature control system which stimulate most modern beverage natural flavors and concentrates which satisfy ,the taste helping to ensure regulatory compliances and flavor standards . We develop the product working in collaboration with our consumers. We help our consumers by developing different molecules creative to the successful development.


As the leading company in the Flavours and Fragrances industry, We creates and manufactures unique and innovative taste and smell solutions.

We provide the passion and expertise for global, regional and local food and beverages manufactures as well as household, personal care and fine fragrance companies.From the fragrances which bring back happy memories to the flavours that improve diets by boosting the taste of healthy food. We employees believe they make a difference. We are the new creator of the flavors for the development of new beverage brands. We do not compare with others, we create our own formulation using natural raw material.Our customer's unique requirements that differentiate their products in the market our extensive R&D and innovation brings healthy and wellness solution covering natural and proprietary ingredients and technologies.