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We is constantly expanding the market share through the brand-new flavors and flagrances products. We also offer high-quality service to customers for increasing productivity.

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With a world class manufacturing unit and advanced machineries, Shree Enterprises Flavours possesses the latest facilities to boost the production capacity.

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We are in herbal arac (extract) business since 1925. Shree Enterprises has been established in the year 1999. We were in extraction business of essential oils since 1980. Innovation is in our thought process. Shree Enterprise's innovative flavors, Natural herbal extract, Natural extract concentrate, essential oils and product development has been accomplished by our researchers, Scientists and flavorist.

We provide the ideal taste for consumer satisfaction by delivering authentic natural flavors extract and natural flavor concentrates that result in superior tasting product. FLAVORS we invest substantial resources in the development of the natural extracts and natural concentrates that are formulated as per the requirement of the consumers.

Flavours add essence to life. They have always been significant in adding the extra zing and taste to what we essentially cook and eat. Flavours are what bring the 'YUM' factor to our entire food experience, turning daily meals to treats. The right mix of flavours in food cooked is what appeals to people of all ages. Fragrances make us blissful and soothe our senses. They make us smile and give us a sense of calmness. Fragrances transport us to a beautiful place of memories. Fragrances fill us with happiness and positive energies. Fragrances become part of our identities .